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  1. Joab
    09-04-2012 08:54 PM
    Great to see you back big guy!!

    Here's my new Strymon Timeline video, just some of the new sounds I've found lately

    And here is my quick demo of my Digitech Synth Wah... plenty of Bit Commander loving in there too though SO MUCH AWESOME DZ DEATHRAYS AS WELL!!! Such an under-rated pedal.

    Very keen to hear what you're doing in the MIDI realm!!
  2. Joab
    03-27-2012 02:20 AM
    HAHAHAHA GET ANOTHER WIZ! Or maybe when this collision of awesome gear happens, you may like the combo of Yeti and Wiz... that'd be a cheap alternative! Awww I would love to play a gig in Woolo haha.

    Yeah easter super long weekend is booked out for me, house/animal sitting and a biiiiiiggg 21st. FUCK PLANNING SHIT! I rekon some point in the mid year uni holds would go down a treat. Lets make that happen!

    MMMMMMM yessssss, MATTE BLACK WOULD BE SEXY! I know one of my mates dad's who lives around the corner from me is an AWESOME painter dude. Not like house painter, like car and harley painter. He does crazy designs and shit on harley tanks and has won a heap of competitions. He has offered to spray my guitars in the past... might be worth investigating? but YES, matte black/grey would be FUCKING HOT with the cream binding. YUM. AWWWW and the fact that the production models are BIGGER makes me smile. I like big guitars, always have.

    Yeah the normal reversed ones do look cooler, I'll give you that

    Shit yeah dude, fenders are balls cheap second hand over there!!! And I'll definately be keeping my eye on forums and websites and the like beofre I go over, incase something REALLY special pops up... but the plan was to go over and play guits in a million shops and find something KILLER amoungst it all! Will be so fun! AND will kill the time while the missus is off shopping around the place So who the fuck knows what I'll come back with.... could be anything!

    My main thoughs are -

    Something 'solidbodied' - Billy bo, duo jet, firebird, lp jnr...
    Something 'clean' aka fendery, a nice jag or tele or something...

    Just some ideas anyway! In my efforts to add diversity to my stable, I'll probs just come back with a freaking tiger flame setzer 6120 or a Power Tenny or something hahaha

    Ahhh seee that could be your problem, I bet mini buckers in a Gibbo firebird will sound HUGELY better than mini buckers in an epiphone. You know? Lachie seemed to rate the shit out of them in that old goldtop LP he had... something I need to try!

    Oh yeah i hear that, freaking LOVE the lp jnr for that. It's just a bit of wood with a pickup whacked onto it saying 'whatdidyoufuckingsaycunt?'. AWESOME guit... and under 2k?!?!?! WOW!! That's a fucking steal for SO much guitar. I would encourage that purchase highly!

    But yes.. at the top of my tree right now is the billy bo. And if it were my decision right now, I would start saving and that's what it would be for. BUT the fact that this purchase will be happening in the US really lowers the chance of me finding one... which makes me sad a sad panda
  3. Joab
    03-26-2012 05:10 PM
    I would say that I want to hear the Wizard.... but I kind of don't... BECAUSE IT CAN ONLY END BADLY FOR MY FREAKING BANK ACCOUNT!!!

    Hmmm what exactly do you mean by "Easter Break"? The actual Easter weekend is no good for me, I've got a 21st and I'm house sitting. But I've got a week off Uni following that. Do you get them hols too? I could do somewhere in that week there possibly? It would be a stretch though. Hahahaha yep, the go hard or go home attitude is applied quite readily. I have quite often said "we're not here to fuck spiders"... a saying I don't really understand... but I like the idea of... Urban Dictionary helps ....

    Hahahaah yes! The muggles really don't get it... as I'm sure the crowd doesn't either! But I'm lucky to have bandmates who are pretty switched on. I'm always saying "which sound do you like better for this song" and switching between a few overdrives. They're actually really helpful! Mmmmmm YES I rekon the powertrons will be a really nice addition to the stable. I have been banging on about trying to gt some more versatility in there.. this will be more versatility, but keeping it well within the same realm of "my sound". FUCK I REALLY WANT A BILLY BO!

    Hahaha yeaahh I want a nice hipster guitar liek that.. seeewwwww hipster! Nah I know what you mean, it's something different that will catch peoples attention. It's something that you will more than likely NEVER see around newcastle (like I already have problems with people playing Cheney's and Phoenix's ). And in a band, as much as we all hate to admit it, image is a big thing!

    Interesting take on the minbuckers! What did you try them in? I want to have a crack and see what I think! See I've never tried them, so it shall be interesting to have a crack And you know what else is weird? I've never even tried P90's! Two things I should really get around to. And hey.. if you're after some p90 loving.... I like the look of these...

    But not having tried one.... and thinking about the whole 'wire tap' thing... I'm not sure....

    AWWWWWW FFUUCCCCCKKKKK. That Bo looks sexy as fuck! Is that like a reeeallyy dakr matte grey? VERY NICE INDEED! All black could be an option after all! Noice.

    Next June/July is the [plan for the trip And I assume there will be limits to what I can whack on the plane, and assume there will be excess baggage fees. It's something I'm going to have to look into! Due to the fact that I'm looking at grabbing a Gretsch of some kind, a heap of pedals, and a fender of some description, tele or jag at this stage (purely due to the fact they are STUPIDLY cheap over there, 500 bucks will get me something GREAT). Basically looking at grabbing two guitars though. So I'm thinking that will be some hefty excess shipping to start with, and as much as I would love to pick you something up, it will only be me and my missus over there. Carrying around all of our luggage and more than two guitars will be impossible! Sorry dude, would have loved to help!

    Hahaha well I blame you for putting me on this Billy Bo obsession! Ah well, it's healthy to have a hobby, it's healthy to have a hobby, it's healthy to have a hobby, it's healthy to have a hobby, it's healthy to have a hobby, it's healthy to have a hobby, it's healthy to have a hobby, it's healthy to have a hobby, it's healthy to have a hobby, it's healthy to have a hobby, it's healthy to have a hobby, it's healthy to have a hobby, it's healthy to have a hobby, it's healthy to have a hobby, it's healthy to have a hobby, it's healthy to have a hobby, it's healthy to have a hobby, it's healthy to have a hobby, it's healthy to have a hobby

  4. mattheal
    03-26-2012 05:03 PM
    bump that thread mang
  5. mattheal
    03-26-2012 04:32 PM
    at this stage quite.

    Your neck of the woods?
  6. Joab
    03-26-2012 01:11 PM
    Yeah the Yeti is SUPER bright. It's a marshall... HOT RODDED! I really don't think it's a 'wizardy' amp at the end of the day. Roll On style tone allll day, but not really Wizardy. Making me smile all the same though! GREAT for that early AC/DC tone. YUM!

    And I hear you with the how do we know riff low end dropout! #first world problems mmmm I rekon yep, these powetrons could have a place in my rig! Would add some versatility, having the cheney with the classic plus and powertron, Phoenix with classics, and Billy bo with power plus's. NICE!

    And thats EXACTLY right, they are something different and weird... but without being TOOOOO wanky. And they would feel and sound familiar too, massive bonus. I've never tried mini-humbuggies, but I would like to. I read that clapton used to use a firebird with minibuckers because he wanted to get some single coil hendrix tone without playing a strat and having the comparisons (can't blame him!). So something like that could cover my 'single coil' -ish sounds that I may want at some point... except remain a bit thicker because they're still humbuggies.

    We should ask lach about refinishing and how hard/easy/costly it would be. I wouldn't get it done white with the cream binding, no way. But that's what I mean... what other colours would look good I wonder? I don't like the full black look, makes it look too much like some kind of 80's metal guitar I rekon... see here...

    I know that's a reverse, and not a 'gretsch'. But I just rekon the black with no silver sparkle looks a bit flat. \

    But the wood grain on the bottom looks hot I rekon!

    LOVE that! I've always been a HUGE fan of the natural woodgrain on the back of a black guit separated by cream binding. YUM!

    But there's this other drama.... this buy wont be happening til I'm in the US
  7. Joab
    03-26-2012 11:56 AM
    haha you jerk! Yeah I've always 'liked' them... but I do like tradition shapes. Then i started looking at firebirds, and loving the shit out of them... then starting looking at some old awesome italian made guitars (jed kurzel from the mess hall plays a REALLY weird one)... and THEN I looked back at the billy bo... IT HIT ME LIKE A ROCK! SO NICE!

    As I said, things I have been jizzing over lately have been a gibbo firebird, something weird and pawn shop looking, and a small bodied gretsch... THIS IS ALL OF THEM IN THE ONE SEXY PACKAGE!

    Ooooo interesting about the powertron plus's being darker... that could work! The Yeti is SOOOOOO BRIGGGHHTTTTT, quite a bit of Marshall Ice pick action on offer if you don't EQ it correctly. So this would probs sound REAL nice with it. I would give them a crack that's for sure, and then go from there. Hahaha "Gretsch Paul" nice I see what you're driving at though!

    Yeah I could totally see some p-90s in there. But for me, if I was going for something with p-90s and I wanted that sound, I would go with a LP jr... I think they're kind of a guitar we should all own at some point in our life

    I know what you mean about the red, not too appealing. No where near as nice as the Power Tenny red, and the black back on it doesn't help I rekon. ... but this brings up a huge dilemma!

    4 grand for a white and gold one, or under 2 grand for a red one ...wonder how much a respray would cost? BUT then yoou need to consider what colour would you get? Especially considering that fugly black back on there... hmmmm...
  8. Joab
    03-26-2012 01:46 AM
    Looking at some youtube vids.... the red Billys are growing on me a bit Seems like they would be more attractive in person. And I do love me a nice cream binding

    But yep, the vids really do make it seem like them powertron plus's are REALLY hot. They would need to go! I rekon the classic cheney combo would sound KILLER in it, classic plus bridge and a powertron neck
  9. Joab
    03-26-2012 12:47 AM
    I hate you quite considerably at the moment GASING SOOOOOOO BAD OVER A FUCKING BILLY BO!

    However the reason I hate you so much, is that I really don't like the looks of the red ones much at all And it will be hard enough finding a red one, let alone ANY other colour. Of course the Falcon-ified ones are the beez neez, but I really like the ones that are black with the natural wood back on them, like a duo jet.

    But even just looking at the specs of the limited edition white ones they released a while back, freaking EVERYTHING you want. TV's, Sperzels, pinned bridge, sweet bigsby, the lot. The production red models has some impressive specs, schaller straplocks, TV's (powertron plus's to be exact! quite hot, I don't know if I would keep them in there), pinned bridge.

    But yeah, the red ones seem to be roughly 2k AT BEST new, and around $1600-$1700 second hand. Whereas the white ones DON'T come up second hand, but there's a few which haven't sold... they're 4 grand
  10. wizard_23
    03-05-2012 11:37 AM
    Hey mate, Night Train at Swop Shop.

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