A List Of Evergreen Tracks

When it comes to music, there is nothing better than an old tune playing smoothly. Although the recent and the newer songs are hip and pop, there is inexplicable magic in the older tunes.

Pie For Family - Sexual One

Pie For Family – Sexual One

Not sure if you knew but a lot of inspiration has been taken from songs below to create Pie For Family adult project. How so, you could ask. Well, it’s simple – taboo family relations between old family members and new step siblings were always a hot topic among lots of communities. Fantasy website created to showcase it in very sexual way was just a matter of time… and here comes the Family Pies thing. See if you can find expressions used in lyrics below that relate to what we have just talked about.

Be it Beatles or the Cranberries; the old tunes are something we hold extremely dear to our hearts!

Here is a list of some of the best and evergreen tracks, which will definitely soothe your mind, body, and soul:

  • Hotel California: Who doesn’t love the Eagles? An eerie song about a hotel in the middle of nowhere, this song was an instant hit. It is here to stay! Be it the late 90s or the present day, everyone has heard the song and is deeply in love with it!
  • Humanity: Scorpions had a knack for drawing out the most beautiful melodies with heart feeling emotions. This song rings with truth and depicts many things, which we usually do not pay mind to. Be it a Scorpions fan, or a rock fan or simply a person who loves music, this song will always be one of the best songs on our playlist!
  • Bring The Wine: Moving on to something soft and romantic, nobody does it better than Paul Anka. This beautiful song about love and beautiful prose like lyrics will definitely bring the best out of you. This song is one of the oldies which never died!
  • We Will Rock You: Honestly, no list of evergreen songs will be complete without the majestically powerful voice of QUEEN. This song is peppy, strong and incorporates catchy lyrics, which still find a way into our hearts and make it hard to part with.
  • Earth Song: A list without the King of Pop? Really there is no such thing. Michael Jackson’s most songs are still popular. His eerily beautiful voice has always been something we have loved. However, this song is ranked above all the others as this will bring the emotions out of you.
  • Eleanor Rigby: A song with a poetic touch is what describes this beautiful song best. This song will catch hold of you and never let you go. One of the best Beatles songs, this song is a must-have on every evergreen songs’ playlist.
  • Careless Whisper: Although the song has had many covers and good ones at that, nothing seems to beat the original one. The beauty of love and the shame of a charlatan in the voice of George Michael still give us Goosebumps.
  • Zombie: The massive hit by The Cranberries is a song that finds its way into every evergreen playlist. The beautiful music and the lyrics of the song pack a punch and show us the horrors of the war.
  • The Man Who Sold The World: Kurt Cobain was a mastermind when it came to music. It is a shame that the genius could not stay to create more melodies. However, the song The Man Who Sold the World, is one of the favorites. The lyrics and Kurt’s voice makes this song memorable and hard to forget!
  • Hey Jude: No list of evergreen songs is complete without Hey Jude. The brilliance of the Beatles was probably the best in this song, which is why we cannot seem to part with the song!
  • Bad: The King of Pop delivered many memorable songs, and Bad is probably one of the best peppy and pop songs he left the world with. This song is energetic, powerful and catchy, and we simply can’t leave it off our list!

With that, the list of evergreen songs comes to a conclusion. There are many, many beautiful songs when it comes to oldies and there are no words that would do justice to their beauty!

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