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The Living End breathe and eat live music, they just seem never to get enough of it. They are now touring the world to support their latest album “Shift” and going to their Facebook page, the string of dates is simply endless.

“Australian goes to U.S.”


The Living End are no strangers to the US audience, and they are back there right now to convince those who haven’t heard them that their spot in music history as one of the hottest live bands out there is very well earned. The tour disembarked at The Greek Theatre in L.A. on August 19th. Chris Cheney lives in Los Angeles most of the year playing and recording with many acts like Captain Sensible (The Damned), the Jack Tars, with Slim Jim Phantom (The Stray Cats) and the Wild Roses (with former Dropkick Murphys, Marc Orrell).

But in present tense, he is killing it with his first love: The Living End. They´ll be appearing on stage at medium-sized venues in Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, and California in that order. It´s a great opportunity to catch this energy fire cracker of a band from a close distance. Americans are fortunate that they happen to play that way there, because for all of us, Australian fans, we have to see them in much bigger places. They recently played on the AFL Ceremony, the Sydney, and the Melbourne Zoos for 5,000 people, which means we were all far away from the stage.

“The band was set to play in
different sizes of venues
all along Europe.”


The European tour landed on the huge stage of the Rock Am Ring Festival in Nuremberg, Germany on June 2nd and continued at the enormous and beautiful stage of the Rock Im Park Festival in Nuremberg. The band was set to play in different sizes of venues all along Europe starting out in Germany and Austria and then moving on to France where they played at the beautiful Bértigny-sur-Orge Air Base. Then two quick steps through Netherlands and Hungary to reach the UK in full form for a 10-dates tour that included the huge stage of the Hyde Park with their long-time friends Green Day for a humongous crowd on July 1st. But these Australian rockers wouldn´t stop there, they had caffeine running through their veins and went all the way to Belgium on July 7th for the SJOCK Festival.

Next day they played the last show of this rocking marathon in Spain. European reception was awesome, and the crowds were jumping, clapping, and singing along with the band members who left blood, sweat and incredible songs on every stage they stepped on.

“Sold out concert at Australia.”


The Australian side of the tour was kind of a Sandwich to the world tour. They started playing the famous Zoo Shows on March 3rd, and they´ll be back to finish the tour at home. The landing is with a Sold-Out show nobody wanted to miss at The Croxton Bandroom. It is a Benefit Concert for Animal Rescue and Sanctuary Center.

All proceeds will be donated to the Wild 2 Free Animal Sanctuary based on the NSW South Coast. Rae Harvey runs the shelter itself, The Living End’s manager, and all funds raised will go to supplanting a building that was devastated by a fire in 2016. After that sold-out performance, tour dates follow November 3rd in another sold out show at Gateaway Lakes with Midnight Oil in another Sold Out concert.

“Unstoppable tour.”


Nothing stops The Living End from going on tour; it always played a special role in the band´s life and is not going to change anytime soon. Besides regular shows and festivals, they also do charity and animal fundraising events and ARIA Awards appearances among many other things. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and catch them on tour; it´s an unforgettable experience.

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