The Living End Band Song With The Highest YT Views

The Living End´s filmography is quite long and has been one of the band´s strongest points through the years. They have more than 3,500 subscribers to their YouTube channel and a massive amount of views on some of them at their official account.


This fifty-second video has the highest number of views on their YouTube channel and is an interview with Chris Cheney in which he explains his obsession with 80s music like Wham and Michael Jackson. He explains which is the pop sensibility those artists had and how it eventually translated into the band´s music. This short video has more than 289 thousand views.


The second in line is the music video for their early hit “All Torn Down”. It was originally featured on their debut album The Living End, and it has more than 260 thousand views. The song is like a mix of punk with some reggae/ska guitar sound and an incredible chorus. The overall ambiance of the music video is very end-of-the-nineties urban scenario in black and white and features them playing separately and on the streets.


Number three also goes to a debut album song with more than 235 thousand views and one thousand likes. The video shows the band members playing the song during a riot, on a truck, inside a taxi, and on a square. It is a color-video that happens in a city in which the band members are chased by and fight against English cops trying to stop them from making music and inciting the riot. The video ends with the band escaping on a double-decker bus.


Another debut album song, this video is constructed with bits of live performances and is very close to reaching the 130 thousand views. It shows much of the band´s live energy such as the double bass stunts performed by Owen, the guitar stunts by Cheney and the straight forward drumming attitude of the band´s first drummer. It is a low-budget creation and it belongs to the early years of this great band.


This video doesn´t belong to the band´s first album, but to the 2006 “State of Emergency” and is reminiscent of the way Green Day opened the minds of American citizens with “American Idiot”. The video starts with a George Orwell song being shown on an old TV screen in a pawn shop. Then, it takes off to show some children who could very well be in Pink Floyd´s “The Wall” who are forced to obey, the flags of multiple countries and the members of the band performing to a nineties-like psychedelic background. Towards the end of it, the children form a choir with Cheney and the song fades away. The video has a little over 115 thousand plays.

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