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The Living End has been touring their songs since day one. There is a big difference between bands that live to play live and others who don´t, and these Australian rockers know how to do it the best way possible.

“They toured nation-wide for
the first time.”


Touring played a significant role in the band´s history; in fact, it was the Green Day supporting slot during the Australian tour that got them in the musical map of the country. They toured nation-wide for the first time with Green Day and they also toured nation-wide to support their utterly successful EP “Prisoner of Society”. Per Chris Cheney, they could pick up the phone and ring producers all over the country saying they were the band that did the Green Day gigs. They also embarked on a tour all over the country for the release of their first LP “The Living End”. Once that tour finished, another opening slot took them on the road with the California Punk Rockers The Offspring during the Australian leg of their 1999 Americana Tour.

“The Living End has built a big
number of fans due to their
scorching live show.”


The big difference mentioned above creates a big gap between bands that play their hearts out and leave it all on the stage and those who just get up there, do their job, and then go home. The Living End has built a big number of fans due to their scorching live show that has granted a Jack Award to Best Performer (Cheney) Best Live Band, Best Drummer (Strachan) and Best Live TV Performance in 2008, fourteen years after they started playing. In fact, they take it so seriously that heavy touring caused front man Chris Cheney to take a step back and leave the band in a hiatus that ended with their wonderful record “White Noise” as a stellar comeback.

“Australia´s biggest active
performers in history.”


The Living End toured all over the world to support their music. Their strongest point is and will always be Australia, the place they were born as a band and toured most extensively. They are a big festival act and have played for huge audiences in all the big ones like Germany´s Rockapalast and Rock Am Ring, England´s Reading Festival, Japan´s Summer Sonic and Sidney´s Big Day Out among many others. They also took the stage at the ARIA Music Awards several times throughout their career with critical acclaim of the older and the younger. Their take-no-prisoners approach to live performances has granted them the reputation of being a band that should not be missed, and their technical skills, as well as the tight rocking sound they have as a live band, also paved their way to becoming one of Australia´s biggest active performers in history.

“The band took the stage
and didn’t look back.”


Touring played a key role in the history of the band. They started out as we all do: playing for 20 friends at the local pub, but touring with Green Day opened a big door for them. When the time came to show the world what they could do, the band took the stage and didn’t look back. Ever since those first moments, Chris Cheney and Scott Owen have been playing non-stop to this day not only with The Living End but also with other bands like Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, legends The Stray Cats and much more. Hopefully, we haven´t seen all they can do, and there will be many more shows to catch them doing what they love and do best: play rock n roll.

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