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The band is very well-known around the world, there´s a lot of information being posted about them all the time.

“Most of the discussion
about the band.”


There has been some fluctuation in the information world lately that lead every writer who used only to have a blog to having a blog and promoting it through different social media platforms, especially Facebook. Most of the discussion about the band and the bits of information that are being spread happen on their fans closed groups of discussion on Facebook.

“Official communication but
also some personally
written notes.”


The band itself has a Notes tab on their official Facebook page with mostly official communication but also some personally written notes. The one taking on that duty is their awesome front man, lead guitar player, main singer and songwriter, Mr. Chris Cheney. The last one to be found in that section is from back in January 2012 and is a big update about where are they living, where are they playing and what is the summer been for them. Lastly, he wishes all fans happy holidays and looks forward to seeing them. Considering the way the band handles social media, to see such a first-person impression of Chris is something we were looking forward to finding.

“It speaks about the band in this
post from a fan´s perspective.”


This is an awesome blog about great bands the owner likes, playing covers of amazing songs. It also features precious information about bands that aren’t so well known in the world today. He speaks about the band in this post from a fan´s perspective, and there´s a very cool story about him going to see the band play live in a night club in Toronto. He explains he was expecting the band to be utterly famous and recognized in the community, so he arrived one hour before the show to form the line, but there was no need because only 12 people showed up early. He even comments how the band went by them to have a meal across the street at a bar and a fan bought drinks and spoke to them all night until they had to get on the stage and play. It´s a great story illustrated with HD pictures of them playing taken by the blogger himself, a great post!

“A fan want’s the entire world
to hear their song’s.”


The feeling the Fongsongs blogger has is prevalent among The Living End fans and is exactly the reason I created this blog in the first place: to tell the world that these Australian Rockers are incredible! Our aim is not to turn people into fans, that´s the band´s job; we just want the entire world to hear the songs.

Seven albums later, all the magic and the energy is still there, newer generations should hear them play, I have absolutely no doubts about it!

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